Quality residential heating elements

- For Over 100 Years


Since E.L. Wiegand patented his flat iron element in 1917, Backer Springfield has carried on his tradition of manufacturing high quality heating elements. Ever since the birth of Backer BHV in 1949, a steady entrepreneurial go-ahead spirit has strongly contributed to the leading position in the global heating element market. Backer Springfield became a part of the Backer Group in 2011, giving us a strong precense in the heating element market.


Based on more than a century of experience in the field, we manufacture and sell heating products to the residential appliance industry. We provide heating elements for all major appliance Segments including: Cooking, Dishwasher, Water Heater, Laundry, and Refrigeration. These elements are utilized in every day residential applications that make our lives easier and our use of time more efficient.


We are confident that we can offer you the heating element for your specific needs as we are your world leading partner in residential electrical heating elements.


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